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Jenkins and the Git Branch Selection

How to make Jenkins aware of Git branches


This time I want to talk about something "totally" different. Something just from work.

At work we recently changed the revisionsystem to Git to meet our requirements in feature driven development using a lot of feature branches.

To fulfill our high standards in quality and stability we moved over to a silently different workflow where QA tests every feature branch before it'll merged in the final release. The day where the deployment meeting takes place it'll decided which branches are stable and will be merged into the actual release branch. To make it more convenient for our QA to build, deploy and test branches we setup a bunch of QA servers (one server for each QA tester) and gave them the chance to build any branch and deploy it to a choosen QA server.

Since Jenkins currently has no real Git branch support (beside giving the branchname by yourself) we had to figure out how to tell Jenkins which branches are available. To do so we made a small shellscript which collects all of the feature branches into some properties file that later will be read by Jenkins.



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