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Writing a Hazelcast / CastMapR MapReduce Task in Java

 Hazelcast is a distributed In-Memory-Datagrid written in Java. In addition to the internal features like EntryProcessors and queries you can write MapReduce tasks using the CastMapR projects which adds MapReduce capabilities on top of Hazelcast 3.x.


java-forum.org - Riding a dead horse

Or how fast you can kill a community

 Today I want to coder a bit of a different topic so please read the following text and I appreciate ideas and opinions.

Not yet 60 hours ago a bad time for the german Java community started. A new owner took over the java-forum.org - the best reputated and best valued Java forum / community in Germany and the german speaking areas (and partly over these borders too).

In general there is no problem about changing the ownership, this often happends interference or problems but not in this case.


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