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nginx - Stateless Loadbalancer

Balance your load on nginx without proxying the request

Today I want to show how you can use nginx to build your own stateless loadbalancer which just redirects your requests to random servers. It does neither support sticky sessions nor does it proxy your request. It will redirect (HTTP 302) your original request to the random location.

This is pratical for a lot of different use cases where you either want to just distribute static content as you would otherwise do with Content Delivery Networks (CDN) or if you have a cluster of servers that is capable of clustering your HTTP sessions (for example using Hazelcast. It also works amazingly good for PHP (or node.js) based mini games that always read data from the database.

nginx is a small non-blocking, event-driven webserver which handles 10k+ connection with no problem. The original internal loadbalancing option is used for proxying the request through nginx to the backend endpoint. If you have dynamic servers or you need sticky sessions that might be what you want. If you have just static content or your backend servers can handly stateless sessions you might not want to proxy the requests since all connections would need to be held open until the backend request is processed.


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