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The Hazelcast Incubator

Going for a Hazelcast Enhancement Proposal

When Hazelcast started as a pure open source project in 2008, there was one guys, Talip Ozturk, with an amazing vision: A simple, powerful, scalable Distributed Map.

Ever since Hazelcast went more powerful and added more features or data structures. Today almost all Java Collections and a lot of the Java Concurrency APIs are implement in a transparent distributed manner. The community helped a lot on the path with feature requests, bug reports, pull requests and discussions to make Hazelcast what it is today.

We always engaged people from the community to help forming Hazelcast after their visions and their needs. We gave our important community the voice it deserved.

Over the last year, a lot of growth happened in Hazelcast and we were busy with internal restructures, unfortunately the community support from Hazelcast side suffered by that.

We've seen our mistake and want to go back to the strong community binding and even make it strong than ever before.

Today I am thrilled to announce to take over the Open Source Advocate role and start our new project, the Hazelcast Incubator.


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