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The Hazelcast Incubator
WhenHazelcast started as a pure open source project in 2008, there was one guys, Talip Ozturk, with an amazing vision: A simple, powerful, scalable Distributed Map. Ever since Hazelcast went more powerful and added more features or data structures. Today ...
Feb 27, 2015
12:40:00 PM
snowcast - Migration and Failover
When I started snowcast back at end of 2014 I haven't thought that people will really be interested but most of the times it will work out differently from your imagination. A still fairly small group of interested people showed up and I got a lot of nice ...
Jan 28, 2015
5:59:00 PM
snowcast - Hazelcast Client and the snowcast logo
In December I started a new project called snowcast. Arisen from the need in one of my own private projects I decided to open source this part of the work. snowcast is an auto-configuration, distributed, scalable ID generator on top of Hazelcast. Since ...
Jan 7, 2015
5:54:00 PM
snowcast - like christmas in the distributed Hazelcast world
snowcast is an auto-configuration, distributed, scalable ID generator on top of Hazelcast. Since snowcast is not an official Hazelcast project, Hazelcast will not offer any kind of commercial support for it, it is one of my private spare time projects! ...
Dec 15, 2014
10:41:00 AM
Jetty + Spdy = Awesome!
This weekend I testwise activated Spdy for HTTPS connections. So if you access the page you should see a Spdy connection and needed resources should be automatically being pushed to your browser. If you want to know more about Spdy, HTTP 2.0 and how it ...
Nov 5, 2013
10:23:00 AM
Installing Ubuntu 13.10 on a MacBook Air 6.2
Today we will install Ubuntu 13.10 on a Macbook Air 6.2 (edition 2013) using an USB stick and EFI mode.
Nov 1, 2013
8:34:00 PM
A few days ago while porting our current system to Hazelcast 3 Snapshots I finally decided to start a MapReduce implementation for Hazelcast which I was missing for a long time.
Jul 6, 2013
8:25:00 PM
Property Accessors
As I stated yesterday I started the discussion about adding Property Accessors to Java. Today I want to show some more about my thoughts. There are at least three questions? What are Property Accessors? Why Java needs them? What could they ...
Jan 5, 2013
3:22:00 PM
Properties Proposal
Just started a discussion about the first ideas on how to implement Properties in Java. Many of you possibly know Properties from other languages like C#. I would be happy if anyone of you interested in that feature would join the discussion and give ...
Jan 4, 2013
8:20:00 PM
Jenkins and the Git Branch Selection
This time I want to talk about something "totally" different. Something just from work. At work we recently changed the revisionsystem to Git to meet our requirements in feature driven development using a lot of feature branches. To fulfill our ...
Dec 22, 2012
5:02:00 PM
Lightning is moving onwards to the ASF
Lightning, the highspeed and low latency serializer for the Java environment will move it's way onwards to the Apache Software Foundation. Born from the discussion to add a serializer connector for Lightning to Apache DirectMemory, I was asked to ...
Sep 30, 2012
2:13:00 PM
It's been a pretty long time since the last blog entry. A lot of things happened holding me back from posting updates. Hopefully this time has gone and I started a new project. Currently I'm working on cleaning up the API for my serializer to define ...
Aug 18, 2012
6:25:00 PM
When Thracia came ...
Today I will announce to move an old project which was a bit slow in development the last time. To make it matching the actual sourceprojects.org name schema the name changed from original jBugReporter to Thracia. So what is Thracia? Thracia is a library ...
Jul 1, 2010
9:29:00 AM
Lycia Benchmark
Hey readers, today I want to show some interesting results from benchmarking Lycia. The most interesting isn't want it shows by the first look at the chart, I mean we all should know Java on Linux performs out Java on Windows. What was so impressive to me ...
Jun 30, 2010
8:34:00 AM
Lycia went threadsafe
Today Lycia went on to be fully threadsafe by implementing a threadsafe version of ParserContext. Now you're able to use one instance of Lycia in as many threads as you like to, which can be very good for runtime behavior of webapplications to not ...
Jun 6, 2010
7:45:00 PM
Where we are
Hey guys 'n girls, let's have a look into where we are. Let's have an overview about what projects I'm into and what is planned for the near future. So first have a look about what is going on. Lycia (formerly known as Java XmlParser): Lycia is an ...
Jun 5, 2010
8:27:00 PM