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Property Accessors - 2
Here's a short update: At the moment there's not much to tell but I'd found at lot of interest in properties support in Java and I'm glad to see people like the general idea.
Jan 7, 2013
9:09:00 PM
Property Accessors
As I stated yesterday I started the discussion about adding Property Accessors to Java. Today I want to show some more about my thoughts. There are at least three questions? What are Property Accessors? Why Java needs them? What could they ...
Jan 5, 2013
3:22:00 PM
Properties Proposal
Just started a discussion about the first ideas on how to implement Properties in Java. Many of you possibly know Properties from other languages like C#. I would be happy if anyone of you interested in that feature would join the discussion and give ...
Jan 4, 2013
8:20:00 PM